TMZ Promo Contest – Update


Well, it’s all over but the crying.  But there’s no crying here.  We’re still stoked from winning this contest.   The last two weeks, TMZ finally aired the videos on their TV show.  We were thrilled to see TMZ Toyz run TWICE, on consecutive Mondays.  And TMZ Superfan #1 aired last Tuesday.  No identification onscreen, but it was still pretty neat to see something we did for fun run on national TV three times in two weeks. 

While TMZ Superfan took first place overall, and TMZ Roadshow took the Zooppa award, it was TMZ Toyz that got the most attention.  TMZ aired it more than any of the other spots, and even put up an informal poll the week prior asking visitors to the website if the Toyz spot was too controversial.   Check it out here.  The comments are especially interesting.


Once again, we want to thank TMZ for sponsoring it and for for facilitating the contest itself.  Zooppa always has a few great video contests in the works, and we’ll definitely be entering more.



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