Maintaining a Healthy Image

I do a lot of work with Healthy Image, a great advertising agency based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  This past year, our collaborations netted six Addy Awards, and over the past fifteen years in conjunction with the founders of Healthy Image; Barbara Van Gossen, Kristy Armand, and Christine Fisher, (when they were with previous agencies), we won more than a dozen Addy Awards, including a Best in Show.   I always enjoy working on projects with them, and have done some of my best work with them.   Here are a few done recently.


The Eye Clinic – Image

This was a fun challenge as we were basically given a couple of logos and some photos to create an identity spot for The Eye Clinic.  It was tricky coming up with something that matched the music but wasn’t repetitive.  The end result turned out even better than we expected.



Thrive TV show – Open

Healthy Image produces a magazine and TV program called “Thrive”, which covers health, money, and a variety of useful topics.  I created the open for the show, where I tried to represent the light and fun nature of both the program and magazine.   On a couple of these animations, there were more than 400 layers.



LA Fitness – I Am

Similar to the Eye Clinic spot, this one required a creative way to present photos.  The first version we did of this that matched the storyboard ended up being way too static, so we came up with an entirely different way to show the same images, and this version really worked out great.



Cameron State Bank  – Patriot Checking

This one went through a variety of edits until we had the right mix of informational text and patriotic imagery.



Cameron State Bank – Rock Solid

The challenge for this one was finding an actual rock wall in the Houston area.  The few we actually located wouldn’t let us shoot there.  We ended up finding this rock ‘wall’ in Montgomery, just north of Houston.  Most of this was accomplished Batman-style, by shooting sideways and our talent, Marc Isaacs, pretending to climb up.  Worked out great, and we won an Addy for this.



Cameron State Bank – Grass is Greener

This was the first fully animated spot I’d done in quite a while and it was also a fun challenge.  The first idea the client suggested was to attempt to shoot this as real footage, but composite in the butterfly and other elements.  I convinced them that it could be done entirely as an animated spot and that it would actually match the storybook feel of the script and audio much better.  Another challenge successfully met, and another Addy Award.

Cameron State Bank – Overflowing

A second spot in the “Brighter Side” campaign, this one presented the challenge of making a stationary shot of a glass of water interesting for thirty seconds.  Interesting lighting, and the tension created in the viewer by having them watch the glass overflow seemed to do the job just fine.  An added challenge in this one was a late decision to have the water pouring happen all at once.  As shot, there was an initial pouring and then a pause, and then it filled up and overflowed the rest of the way.  Took some of my best compositing work to make it look almost seamless that the pouring happened all at once. This one also won an Addy Award.


More Healthy Image commercials on the way and I’ll post them as soon as they’re clear for release.


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