Actor Demo Reels

A special service we provide is the creation of Actor Demo Reels.  We offer two kinds: A simple, effective template version for only $100.  The other is a custom demo reel, priced according to the specific request of the Actor and starting at $300.  The template style is one that we have developed after consulting with actors, talent agencies and producer/directors.  This template is priced at only $100 but must be followed strictly.   Here’s an example of one we recently produced for Houston-based actress, Crystal Martinez.

Recommended length for actor demo reels are no longer than two minutes, as most casting people rarely watch longer than one or two minutes.  

Below is the worksheet you will need to fill out and include with your order.  To keep costs low, it will require more upfront work on the actor’s end, such as filling in the form in detail, and gathering photos, videos and Youtube links.  The most efficient way to do this is to download the worksheet and fill it out on the page, then save it with a filename that includes your name, and email it to us at  The worksheet requests Youtube links, which can be copied from the browser address bar and pasted at the appropriate spot on the worksheet.  This makes it easy to just click on it and go to the exact video you are referring to.   

Worksheet (with instructions)



Worksheet (blank)



Worksheet (filled out sample)

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